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Disclaimer:  This medical information is designed as an aid only for the patients of Drs. Concannon & Vitale.
It is not a substitute for a medical exam and direct advice from your physician.

To Our Patients with Neighborhood Health Plan of RI Insurance


Drs. Concannon & Vitale no longer accepts Neighborhood Health Plan of RI insurance.


So that we may continue to act as your pediatricians, we request that you consider changing over your health insurance plan to United HealthCare. There will be other clinics and medical providers that will be accepting Neighborhood Health Plan next year should you decide to keep your present health insurance and transfer care to them.


On the other hand, should you desire to keep receiving medical care for your child from Drs. Concannon & Vitale you will need to change the health insurance company for your family to United HealthCare. United HealthCare will accept your transfer as soon as possible. Your family would still be eligible for medical service under the previous Neighborhood Health Plan of RI until the switch over occurs. 


United HealthCare is a company with an excellent reputation for patient and customer service. Know that United HealthCare insurance is accepted by all of our covering doctors, and by the vast majority of pediatric specialists. It is also accepted by most all adult medical providers that also accept Neighborhood Health Plan of RI. To check as to whether all your family’s doctors and other care providers accept United HealthCare for RIteCare call HealthSource RI at 855-840-4774 or go to:



You can request this change immediately within the first 90 days of having a new baby, or at your annual Medicaid benefits review, or as in this case, if your child's primary pediatricians will no longer accept your present insurance. The easiest way to accomplish this task is by calling Neighborhood-RI customer service at 844-602-3469 to ask to be switched over to United HealthCare for RIteCare. You will need to provide the Neighborhood ID and/or Social Security numbers for each of your family members. Please let us know should you encounter any push-back by Neighborhood Health Plan of RI regarding your right to change, and please inform us as soon as possible when this switch has been requested


Or for your convenience, we can provide you here with the form necessary for the switch from Neighborhood Health Plan of RI to United HealthCare. Once you fill it out and sign it, simply mail it directly to Neighborhood so that there is a minimum of hassle.  We suggest registered mail so that the paperwork does not get 'lost'.  Mail to:
   Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
   910 Douglas Pike
   Smithfield, RI  02917 

If you feel that your request for transfer to United HealthCare has been unfairly denied, or seems obstructed in some way (lost paperwork, etc), please realize the the Federal Medicaid Managed Care rules of 2016; Subsection 438.56, allow you to appeal your situation to Neighborhood Health Plan of RI at 844-602-3469 (ask to file a grievance), or to the RI Executive Office of Health and Human Services which oversees this program for RI at 855-697-4347. Such determinations by Neighborhood or Health & Human Services must be finalized within the time frame of the first day of the second month following the month in which your request is made, if not, the request for transfer to United HealthCare is to be considered granted under Federal law.  ( )

It is important that once you have switched to United HealthCare that either Dr. Concannon or           Dr. Vitale is listed as your child's Primary Care Provider (PCP) on their membership cards.  If not, be sure to Call United membership services to correct this problem ASAP at 800-587-5187.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for trusting us with the health care of your children.


If you do not have RIteCare under RI Medical Assistance, but rather pay for or obtain for your Neighborhood Health Plan of RI insurance through your small employer, or directly through the HealthSource RI exchange under the ACA (ObamaCare) click here for different notices and procedures.

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